If you are suffering from the early stages of TMJ, it’s not a bad idea to try home therapy to try to relieve discomfort and try to reduce your risk of developing a more severe form of the condition. Among the most commonly recommended home therapies is the application of heat to the face or neck muscles to try to relieve jaw pain.

A new study confirms that this recommendation is actually backed up by scientific studies.

Is a Heat Pack for Jaw Pain Right For Me?

Before we recommend any therapy as something you can try at home, we first run it through our 4-point inspection.

Is a Heat Pack for Jaw Pain Expensive? No. Odds are you probably have something at home that you can use for this, including just taking a hot shower.

Is Home Heat Therapy Complicated? No. Other than using something too hot or applying heat to your joint, there aren’t many things that can go wrong with this particular therapy. Almost everyone can do this one.

Heating Pad for Neck and Jaw

One of the most common pain symptoms associated with TMJ is neck and jaw pain. Oftentimes, not even over the counter pain relievers can bring relief. One of the best ways to treat this pain is by applying heat to the neck and jaw. A heating pad for jaw pain can help loosen stiff muscles to help them relax. This technique comes in handy if you’re experiencing lockjaw.

You can apply the same method to your neck if it feels in pain or stiff. Using a heating pad for neck and jaw pain can provide you with immediate relief. Unlike ice, you can keep heat packs on longer for extended relief.

If you want to apply heat in the easiest way, invest in a good heating pad for neck and jaw pain. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on. This saves you from using one that goes in the microwave or a heat pack for jaw pain that requires boiling water first. Using a heating pad is one of the easiest natural remedies you can use to relieve TMJ pain.

A TMJ Heating Pad is Not a Substitute for Professional Care

Even if your TMJ symptoms come to a halt, it’s important to remember that home heat therapy is not a substitute for professional care for your TMJ. If your symptoms persist, recur, or worsen, it’s time to talk to your doctor or a TMJ dentist to determine the cause of your symptoms. For help with TMJ in Columbia, SC, please call (803) 781-9090 for an appointment at Smile Columbia Dentistry.