Smile Columbia Dentistry is a local dental practice dedicated to the personal commitment a dentist makes to his patients. As a family business serving Columbia, SC, for the second generation, we have deep roots in the community, and we’ve helped many people get relief from their TMJ symptoms. TMJ treatment is a tricky business. With numerous subtle symptoms and a complex scientific diagnostic procedure, it’s something not all dentists can handle. There are many dentists who might claim they provide you with proper treatment, but you need to choose your TMJ dentist carefully if you want to get good results from your treatment.

At Smile Columbia Dentistry, TMJ dentist Dr. Adam Hahn will help you get results from your TMJ treatment. Contact our office in Columbia, SC, at (803) 781-9090 today to book a TMJ evaluation.

TMJ Dentist Columbia, South Carolina | Dr. Adam Hahn

About Dr. Adam Hahn

Growing up seeing his dad’s commitment to dentistry and his patients, it was a natural decision for him to join his father’s practice. However, he didn’t just want to simply inert his father’s dental practice, he wanted to continue to make Smile Columbia Dentistry the best dental office it could be, introducing new technology and techniques that his father has also embraced.

TMJ dentist Dr. Adam Hahn is the recipient of a prestigious Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) fellowship in recognition of his commitment to exceeding the minimum required level of continuing education. He recently successfully completed a fellowship in Orofacial Pain Management and Neuromuscular Occlusion led by Dr. Jay Gerber at the Center for Occlusal Studies in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Dr. Adam Hahn is also one of only seven dentists to earn the title of LVI Fellow in South Carolina and is one of the only LVI Fellows in Columbia. LVI, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dentistry, is the premier institution for the study of neuromuscular dentistry and TMJ treatment in the world.

How to Choose a TMJ Dentist

As we’ve already said, TMJ can be difficult to treat. For the best results, you want to find a TMJ dentist who has the training, tools, and experience to give you relief. 

Here are some steps you can take to make sure the dentist you work with will be a good match for you. 

Ask for Referrals

Talk to friends and family who might have had TMJ treatment. You can start with people that you know had the condition and got relief. However, many people don’t know they have the condition until they are diagnosed. Don’t forget to ask people you know who had headaches and jaw problems but got relief. 

Do an Internet Search

Next, do a search for TMJ dentists in Columbia. If you don’t know anyone who got TMJ treatment, this might be your only option, but even if you do know people who got treatment and recommended their dentists, you should do searches. 

If you have recommendations, start by searching for those specific dentists. However, you should also do a general search to see what other options you have. 

Check Credentials and Continuing Education

“TMJ dentist” is not an officially recognized dental specialty, so dentists are free to describe their practice that way, even if they have no training in TMJ treatment beyond the small amount offered in dental school. 

So you have to check each dentist to make sure they are trained in neuromuscular dentistry. Check a dentist’s credentials with LVI or another dental education institution that instructs dentists in neuromuscular dentistry. You can check with LVI here.

Read Reviews

Check online reviews for dentists. You should look for a dentist with a reasonable amount of reviews. Don’t just look at the numbers—read full reviews to find out what a dentist is really like. Don’t reject or select a dentist on the basis of one either horrible or stellar review. Judge based on the overall tone of the reviews, and pay more attention to characteristics you want to see in a dentist than to the number ratings.

Schedule Consultations

Next, consult with one or more TMJ dentists based on your reviews. Talk to them about your symptoms, experiences, and goals for treatment. Ask to talk to previous or current patients. If a dentist had a bad review that stood out to you, talk to the dentist about it and see how he or she responds. This is an indicator of how they might respond if you have a problem. 

Ideally, you should schedule consultations with at least two TMJ dentists. Many dentists offer free TMJ consultations, but you shouldn’t hesitate to pay for a consultation. It might help ensure you get an in-depth evaluation rather than simply having a brief meet-and-greet visit. 

Ask Dentists about Ongoing Education

As part of the consultation, you should have the opportunity to ask a TMJ dentist questions about their experience. You can learn more about their training than just that they took some particular course. You’ll learn what they took away from their education. You might also learn about new training that isn’t on their website. 

Ask Dentists How Much of Their Practice Is TMJ

Some dentists advertise as TMJ dentists but don’t do that much work with TMJ patients. Even if they’re reasonably credentialed in TMJ treatment, they might not have much experience treating the condition. A dentist that regularly treats TMJ will learn lessons from their experience that can be hard or even impossible to learn in a course. 

Choose a TMJ Dentist That Makes You Feel Confident

Based on your consultations, select the TMJ dentist that you think will give you the highest quality care for your symptoms. Factor in training, experience, technology, reviews, and everything you’ve learned about the dentist. Also, take into account how you feel about working with a dentist. You will have to talk to them honestly about your symptoms and results, so don’t choose to work with a dentist you can’t open up to. 

If none of the dentists give you confidence, consider starting your search over. If more than one dentist seems acceptable, use location and cost to help you decide on the best TMJ dentist for you.

Looking for a TMJ Dentist in Columbia, SC

At Smile Columbia Dentistry, we invite you to talk to our dentist about your TMJ. Please call our Columbia, SC office at (803) 781-9090 or contact us online today to schedule your appointment.