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TMJ Symptoms

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TMJ is sometimes called “the great imposter” because of its ability to mimic numerous different conditions. It is commonly misdiagnosed because it can result in many different TMJ symptoms, some of which might not seem to be related at first. Because people with TMJ might not see the connections, they may not report all their symptoms to their doctor, focusing on just the most significant, which can lead to misdiagnosis.

If you are looking for someone who can cut through the noise to precisely diagnose TMJ, please call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with experienced TMJ dentist Dr. Adam Hahn at Smile Columbia dentistry. Dr. Hahn has helped many people find the solution to their mysterious symptoms and get successful treatment.

What Are the Symptoms of TMJ?

The most common symptoms of TMJ are jaw-related, including jaw pain, popping or clicking jaw, and irregular or restricted jaw motion. However, the symptoms can often be far-reaching. Here is a more comprehensive list of TMJ symptoms:

Not everyone will experience all these TMJ symptoms. People often have very different TMJ experiences, and many don’t notice all their symptoms or realize that they’re connected.

woman with headache that may be a TMJ symptom
Man with jaw pain possible TMJ symptom

A Diverse Condition

The TMJ symptoms you experience might be related to the type of TMJ that you have. Some people argue that we should talk about temporomandibular joint disorders, recognizing that this is a blanket term.

That’s largely true, but there isn’t a well-recognized taxonomy of different types of disorders. However, the three leading candidates for separate categorization are: myofascial pain, disc displacement, and degenerative joint disorder. People with myofascial pain, the most common type, are more likely to experience headaches and tinnitus. People with disc displacement are more likely to experience jaw sounds and restricted jaw motion.

Someone Who Will Listen

Dr. Adam Hahn is highly trained in the treatment of TMJ. He achieved the rank of Fellow at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the leading institute for neuromuscular dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry focuses not just on teeth, but on the entire jaw, with special emphasis on the management of TMJ.

Dr. Hahn is also very experienced, having spent nearly 20 years helping patients. One thing his experience has taught him is how important it is to listen to his patients, especially when dealing with a condition as tricky to diagnose as TMJ. He sets aside the time to truly listen to your symptoms. He lets you speak and never jumps to a conclusion. Then he’ll perform a clinical exam and conduct scientific tests to determine the cause of your symptoms and identify the best TMJ treatment for you.

We know patients have a hard time finding a doctor who will listen about their TMJ symptoms. Perhaps you should talk to a dentist. Please call (803) 781-9090 today for an appointment with Dr. Hahn at Smile Columbia Dentistry.