Bee stings are pretty painful, so it seems counterintuitive that bee venom might actually be useful in treating jaw pain and other symptoms of TMJ, but new research suggests that lotion containing bee venom might be a good alternative for TMJ.

Bee Medicine–Apitherapy

In particular, the bee’s venom has proven an incredibly fertile source for potential medicines. Although apipuncture–the medicinal use of actual bee stings–is unlikely to be a popular treatment, the compounds derived from bee venom have been used to treat multiple sclerosis, shingles, arthritis, and more.

That’s because bee venom is a complex blend of compounds, including anti-inflammatories and even pain relievers. But for TMJ treatment, probably the most important component of bee venom is its muscle relaxant.

Testing Bee Venom Lotion

To determine the effectiveness of lotion containing bee venom, 79 patients who had TMJ were assigned randomly to receive either a lotion containing bee venom or plain vaseline. Participants were instructed to apply their lotion to their jaw muscles for three minutes a day for 14 days.

Not all patients completed the trial. Four patients had allergies and had to be excluded, five other patients didn’t follow through with the treatment, and two refused to use lotion that might contain bee venom. However, those that did complete the study showed significant improvement in their TMJ symptoms compared to those that just used vaseline and massage. They reported significant subjective improvement of their symptoms and tension in jaw muscles was measurable reduced.

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