Headaches, especially migraine headaches, are a debilitating illness. Many people don’t think they’re a serious concern, but the truth is that headaches are one of the most serious and expensive chronic illnesses, not necessarily because of the costs to treat, but because of how dramatically they impact your life.

Lost Work Days

And even if you aren’t losing days of work, you are likely losing productivity. People who work with migraines have their productivity cut by an average of 40%, while those who work with tension headaches have their productivity cut by 24%.

If you’re chronically behind at work because of headaches, think about how good it could feel to finally get caught up.

Lost Play Days

Migraines and other headaches don’t just affect your work. They can also affect your ability to enjoy your leisure time. Many migraine sufferers report that they can’t take vacations at all because all of their vacation days are used up as migraine days. Even evenings and weekend recreation activities are significantly impacted by migraines. In fact, 90% of migraine sufferers say they have to skip social or recreational activities because of headaches.

Finding the Right Migraine Treatment

Migraines and other chronic headaches are poorly understood. Although there are many explanations about how migraines happen, we’re still not entirely sure as to why. Other headaches can be equally difficult to pin down because they can be due to so many different causes. Because of this, many people find their migraine or headache treatment is ineffective or only partially effective.

If you are getting migraine or headache treatment that is ineffective, maybe it’s time to try something else. It may come as a surprise that many migraine sufferers have TMJ. For people with this condition, TMJ treatment can lead to fewer headaches, and when they occur they can be less severe.

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