There are a lot of things about migraines that are terrible. The migraine itself is bad enough — splitting pain, light sensitivity, even vomiting — without even talking about missing days of work, outings with friends, and quality time with family. Even when it’s over, there’s still suffering to be had thanks to the postdrome, or “migraine hangover.”

But by far the worst part of migraines is how difficult they are to treat. For many people who suffer from chronic migraine, there is no universally effective treatment, and certainly no guaranteed method or prevention. Instead, migraine sufferers are at the mercy of their migraines, which could strike at any time, incapacitating them for the day.

That’s why migraine sufferers are always on the lookout for a new miracle treatment they haven’t tried. And while an actual miracle cure may not exist, there is a chance that a migraine treatment that works for you is out there somewhere, just waiting to be found.

Have You Tried…?

There are plenty of alleged miracle cures out there for migraines, but unfortunately most of them are not backed by science. No number of people claiming that daith piercings or acupunture cure migraines will make it true. People with no medical background and no evidence self-publish books about “amazing” migraine cures that they can support only with anecdotes. And it’s not wonder that these kinds of claims circulate: Migraine sufferers are desperate for a solution, even if that means believing in cures that have no basis in medical science.

At best, these kinds of “cures” will do nothing; at worst they could cause harm. The safest bet is to discuss any potential treatment or prevention method with a medical professional qualified to advise you.

Could It Be TMJ-Related?

Unfortunately, that means you’ve not about to learn about a new “miracle cure” — because there’s no such thing. But depending on the source of your migraines, finding the right treatment could be your own personal miracle cure. And if your migraines stem from TMJ , this might be your lucky day.

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is essentially an issue of the bite. A misaligned bite creates tension throughout the jaw and puts stress on the complex joint that allows the jaw to move up and down, back and forth, and side to side. This tension at first creates discomfort or pain in the jaw, and can eventually damage the joint itself. Symptoms of TMJ include obvious signs like jaw pain and popping or clicking sounds, but also include subtler signs like tingling fingers , vertigo , and yes… migraines.

But while treating the migraine itself is a lifelong challenge for many people, treating TMJ is much more straightforward. And by treating the root cause of the migraines, you could effectively treat (or even cure) the migraines.

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