If you have TMJ and you’re not actively treating it, you’re setting yourself up for some major consequences. Perhaps you don’t experience too harsh of pain so you don’t feel the need to wear an appliance at night. Well, over time, this slight pain might quickly transform into severe pain. Before you skip another day of TMJ treatment, learn the consequences of not treating TMJ.

Dr. Hahn at Smile Columbia is here to provide you with an effective TMJ treatment that works for you. If you’re unhappy with your current treatment, we can find you a new one.

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Consequences of Untreated TMJ

One of the biggest consequences of not treating TMJ is symptoms becoming worse over time. Like we stated before, your mild jaw pain may transpire into severe jaw pain. Infrequent headaches might become daily headaches.

You might also experience worn-down teeth. Once your teeth become worn, the only remedy is to extract and replace your teeth or cover them with dental crowns. Of course, we recommend dental crowns. But if you continue to leave your TMJ untreated, it will eventually break the dental crowns.

Patients who leave their TMJ untreated may also experience joint damage and inflammation which can result in much more pain than before. They may also develop sleep apnea or other airway sleep disorder. This is caused by TMJ pushing the lower jaw backward which can obstruct the airway.

Without treating TMJ, patients can also experience increased muscle pain in the face and neck from the increased muscle contraction taking place.

Lastly, without treatment, TMJ can cause excessive ear ringing and ear fullness that can feel extremely uncomfortable at times.

Treatment for TMJ in Columbia

If you suffer from TMJ, we don’t want you to suffer indefinitely. At Smile Columbia, Dr. Hahn has years of experience treating TMJ in patients just like you. From your first appointment, we will give you a proper diagnosis that gives us the information we need to outline an effective and long-term treatment plan. We use TENS, a machine to relax your muscles to provide you with immediate relief and to understand your relaxed jaw position.

To treat your TMJ, we often recommend wearing an orthotic or oral splint to hold your jaw in the correct position for maximum rest.

We may also recommend restorative dentistry treatments to restore your teeth back to health if TMJ has caused any damage to your teeth.

If you would like to learn more about TMJ treatment at Smile Columbia, please schedule a consultation by calling (803) 781-9090 today.