We have to hope that the wasabi receptor actually does lead to better pain medication options, because the ones we have now have many problems, especially opioids.

And the most problematic ones of all are the opioid pain relievers, which are not only ineffective as treatment — they are also very dangerous.

Why Opioid Pain Relievers Can Be Ineffective

Opioid pain relievers are commonly relied upon as pain relievers because they are supposedly highly effective. The problem is, they’re really not.

While opioids begin as an effective pain relief, the body is very likely to become tolerant to them. Opioid tolerance is very common and develops quite quickly. It’s not just that opioids stop working on pain — opioids change your body’s pain mechanisms. Essentially, your body begins to interpret your normal state as being one of pain. Not only do you then need more opioids to overcome your pain; you can also lose the ability to do without them, which contributes to the high rate of addiction for opioids.

Chronic Pain and Chronic Abuse

This brings us to our current dilemma: 1 in 4 people prescribed opioids for chronic pain abuse them. This abuse includes the improper use of opioids for themselves and for others, but also includes selling these drugs on the black market.

As a result of this chronic opioid abuse, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of opioid overdoses. Every day, about 7000 Americans are treated for opioid overdose related to prescription medications.

Drug Free Treatment Options

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you should try to find a drug-free pain treatment that can lessen or eliminate your pain.

For people with TMJ , there are many potential chronic pain conditions that go along with their condition. Headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, and back pain are all very common. But drug-free, nonsurgical TMJ treatment can help alleviate your TMJ symptoms and potentially prevent you from needing drugs for your pain.

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