How bad are migraines? If you don’t get them, you probably don’t think they make that big of a difference in a person’s life. But you’d be mistaken.

A new survey shows that people with migraines and those without them have very different ideas about how much migraines impact a person’s life. Partly, the survey revealed that migraineurs actively conceal the burden of their condition. Fortunately, there are many ways for people with migraine to reduce their burden, including drug-free relief with TMJ treatment.

You Don’t Understand

To figure out people’s attitudes toward migraines , this survey included 1000 people with different relationships to migraines. Of those surveyed, 500 had migraines, 200 knew someone with migraines, and 300 didn’t have any personal experience with migraines.

The survey showed that nearly all people with migraines (91%) said that those without migraines just didn’t understand the condition. The rest of the survey results basically confirm this belief.

When asked to rate the pain of migraines, those who didn’t have migraines rated them a point lower on a 10-point scale than people who got migraines (6.2 vs 7.1). People without migraines also thought the average attack only lasted about 10 hours, but people with migraine said their average attack lasted about 20 hours.

This isn’t just because people without migraines are insensitive to migraineurs. In fact, it’s partly because most people with migraines (62%) said they tried to hide or downplay the impact of migraines. For many people, a fear for their jobs could have been an important factor.

Life Can Be Limited with Migraine

Another revelation of the survey is just how much migraines can limit a person’s life activities. Migraine sufferers reported missing an average of 7.4 important family events each year because of migraines. In addition, 70% of migraine sufferers admit that they’ve avoided making plans because they know they might have to cancel due to migraines.

It can be the children of migraine sufferers who have to bear the brunt of the burden, too. About 72% of migraine sufferers said that migraines impact their ability to care for their family. Even more (77%) said that migraines keep them from spending as much time with their children as they’d like.

Work also suffers for migraineurs. More than two-thirds (68%) said that migraines impact their productivity at work. This has long-term consequences, with 55% saying that migraines have impacted their career goals, and nearly a third (32%) said they’d turned down an opportunity such as a promotion because of their migraines.

Finding the Right Migraine Treatment

A good migraine treatment can be hard to find. Many people with migraines find that they are unhappy with their current treatment, even though they’ve tried many different options.

If you haven’t tried TMJ treatment for your migraines, you should. TMJ is a jaw disorder, but it can trigger migraines. Treating TMJ can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.

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