Migraines cost people hours and sometimes days of their lives. They cost employers all that time in lost productivity. And in part it’s because we don’t have quality migraine relief that can work fast. When you take a pill, it has to travel to your stomach, be broken down, then absorbed into the blood before it reaches your brain.

But researchers presenting work at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) say they have the answer: a nasal spray for migraines.

Very Early Work

It’s important to note that this work is in the very early stages, but it does show promise. Researchers think they have a great option for migraine treatment in prochlorperazine. This dopamine receptor antagonist has been shown in trials to perform better for migraine relief than other medications that are used to give migraine relief. This includes similar medications like metoclopramide and medications of different classes like the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) ketorolac.

The major limitation of prochlorperazine is that it’s currently only available as a pill. The delayed impact of the pain relief means that migraine sufferers still face disabling migraine pain.

Researchers hope that the prochlorperazine nasal spray will be a way to harness this effective drug more rapidly. They’ve begun work on the medication, showing that the drug is stable in the nasal spray, remaining chemically active after 120 days in the nasal spray.
But what they haven’t done is really test the medication at all, yet. They hope to begin animal trials in 2015 and move on to further tests of safety and effectiveness soon after.

Faster Than the Fastest Treatment

Of course, if you’re really looking for fast-acting migraine treatment, we have something that’s faster than a pill, faster than an infection, and faster than a nasal spray. The fastest treatment is prevention. And prevention is what TMJ treatment offers. There are many migraine triggers, and TMJ can be one of the more common. But treating TMJ can lead to less frequent and sometimes less severe migraines.

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