The reliance on drugs in modern medicine is definitely a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it allows us to accomplish many great things. On the other hand, it often comes with serious side effects and risks.

It might seem like taking natural supplements is the way to avoid risks, but that isn’t exactly true. Many natural supplements can have risks that are as bad as or worse than medications. You can take them, but make sure you understand their risks. And consider drug-free TMJ treatment to help with many types of chronic pain, such as jaw pain, neck pain, even headaches and migraines.

Some Natural Supplements Have Dangerous Effects

If you try to find an herb recommended for chronic pain, you’ll probably come across devil’s claw. This commonly appears on the lists of natural supplements recommended for pain, but the herb also has serious risks .

The most serious risk of devil’s claw is that it can speed your heart, increase your blood pressure, and lead to heart problems. So if you have any kind of cardiovascular health problems or are taking medications for cardiovascular conditions, you should avoid devil’s claw. Devil’s claw can also increase your risk of gallstones and ulcers. And it can make it harder to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Pregnant women shouldn’t take the herb because it can pose risk to a developing fetus.

Hopefully, this example shows that there are indeed serious risks associated with some natural supplements. Exercise caution and educate yourself about what you’re taking before you take it.

Some Natural Supplements Have Dangerous Interactions

Some supplements may not pose serious risks on their own, but can turn dangerous in combination with medications. If you’re taking schisandra (sometimes spelled schizandra), it can increase the potency of your medications or slow their elimination from your body. This can contribute to increased side effects or accidental overdose. Other supplements, like St. John’s wort, can make your medications less effective.

Here, it’s important to educate yourself about these interactions, but unfortunately the evidence on them is often lacking. Often, interactions are only known because someone stumbled across them, to their dismay.

Always Tell Us What Supplements You’re Taking

When you do decide to take supplements, it’s important to always communicate with your doctors and dentists. We need to know the supplements your taking, as well as any over-the-counter (OTC) medications you might be taking. This can sometimes help us identify risks you might not have known about, but it also helps us avoid known interactions so you can stay healthy.

Drug-Free Treatments for Chronic Pain

People often seek out natural supplements when they don’t want to take drugs for chronic pain or if the drugs they’re taking aren’t enough. But for many people, there’s a better approach to tackling chronic pain that can provide relief without the risk of drug side effects or interactions.

TMJ treatment allows us to target the source of your chronic pain: the muscles and nerves of your head, neck, and jaw. By promoting healthy position and healthy function, many people find that their symptoms are significantly reduced. They can even be eliminated in some cases.

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