Migraines are simultaneously one of the most widespread and least understood ailments in the world. Despite affecting tens of millions of people across the world, medical experts still aren’t quite sure what causes them or how to prevent them, and each person who suffers from these extreme headaches has to sleuth out their own particular triggers to try and avoid accidentally causing one of these painful episodes.

So when claims start going around that migraines can be cured by a single easy, inexpensive procedure, people get understandably excited. There’s been a lot of buzz around daith piercings and their potential for preventing migraines — but is there anything to back up the miracle claims surrounding this ear piercing?

Secret or myth to migraine treatment.

The Daith Piercing Concept

So what is a daith piercing? This inner ear piercing goes through the innermost cartilage fold of the ear, a part known as the crus of the helix.

The idea of a daith piercing as a treatment for migraine originates in acupuncture. This area of the ear is traditionally the spot where a needle would be inserted to treat migraines. Often, those who get a daith piercing to treat migraine have found acupuncture effective in the past, and see the piercing as a more permanent version of that acupuncture treatment.

Of course, with the daith piercing riding on the shoulders of acupuncture, the real question becomes whether or not acupuncture is an effective treatment for migraines. Although some people report reduced frequency and pain from migraines after acupuncture treatments, it’s possible that these responses are a result of the placebo effect. So what does scientific research say about acupuncture as a migraine treatment?

Unfortunately, scientific findings on acupuncture remain inconclusive and controversial. While some studies do show that acupuncture can treat migraines effectively, and even rule out the placebo effect, other controlled studies have completely disproven it. Until researchers can reach a consensus and create reproducible results, we have to remain skeptical about any and all claims made about “miracle cures” related to acupuncture.

What Does Treat Migraines?

Unfortunately, disproving one cure doesn’t really solve migraineurs’ problems. Many simply turn to unproven cures like the daith piercing simply because nothing else is working. The pain of a migraine can make people feel like any possible solution, no matter how improbable, is worth trying.

If you suffer from migraines that have been difficult to diagnose or find triggers for, it may be because your migraines are a symptom of TMJ. Often misdiagnosed, migraines that result from TMJ cannot be treated without treating the TMJ itself.

If you experience TMJ symptoms such as jaw pain, bruxism or tinnitus, treatment for TMJ may reduce or even completely eliminate your migraines. An experienced TMJ dentist can help you identify if your symptoms are caused by TMJ, and suggest drug-free treatments that help. Call (803) 781-9090 or contact Smile Columbia Dentistry online to schedule an appointment right here in Columbia, South Carolina.