If you suffer from frequent migraines, you likely spend more time than you would like laying down in a dark room with an ice pack over your face. Not only is this impacting your life, but causing you an immense amount of pain. If your doctor prescribed you a migraine treatment and it isn’t helping your condition, you might need a different migraine treatment in Columbia, SC. Oftentimes, frequent migraines are a symptom of TMJ. Here are a few signs your migraine treatment isn’t working.

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1. You Don’t Get the Migraine Relief You Need

Whatever your doctor prescribed you for migraines might have worked at one point, but if you’re still dealing with migraines frequently, this is a sign that your treatment isn’t working. Your migraine treatment should help you prevent migraines in the first place. If your condition doesn’t improve or stops working after a time, start exploring other treatment options.

2. You Get More than 4 Migraines Per Month

If you’re only taking pain-relieving medication for your migraines, you’re not doing anything to prevent your migraines, only manage their symptoms. Pain management is much different from migraine treatment. With migraine treatment, you’re taking action to prevent migraines from occurring. This can save you from having to take pain relievers down the line. If pain relievers are your only source of migraine treatment, you need a better treatment plan.

3. You Can’t Find Your Migraine Triggers

Most people who suffer from migraines can pinpoint exactly what triggers their migraines. For some people, it’s eating something specific or smelling strong odors like perfume or cologne. If you keep a migraine log and can’t seem to pinpoint what triggers your migraines, there might be something else going on.

4. You Don’t Want to Rely on Medication to Function

If you don’t want to spend your days walking around with medication ready to battle any migraine you might encounter, you might benefit from a different migraine treatment. There are lots of different treatments available that won’t require you to take a pill if you feel a migraine coming on.

Get Migraine Treatment in Columbia, SC

Likely, your frequent migraines are actually caused by a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). When you visit Dr. Hahn’s dental office in Columbia for a consultation, he will evaluate the TM joint and look for signs of TMD. If you do happen to have TMD, he will prescribe you a TMJ treatment that will treat the underlying cause of your frequent migraines and ultimately help you live a migraine-free life.

Before you consider a new prescription for migraine treatments, first find out if TMD is the cause. Explore your TMJ treatment options at Smile Columbia. Schedule a consultation today by calling (803) 781-9090.